First impressions are made within the first few seconds of meeting someone. Perceptions are formed about the professionalism and competency of a corporate entity based on the physical appearance of management and employees.

Various factors influence the image portrayed, whether professionally or personally. These factors include appearance, behaviour, manner of talking, body language, eating and lifestyle habits, age and even hairstyles. Image affects all forms of interaction and can make the difference between success and failure. Corporate entities need to be aware of the image they portray to those they interact with when they want to achieve certain goals.

Image consulting services to corporate entities include the following:

  • Dress code: Clothing affects the way you feel and act. Despite a company’s unique culture and dress code, it can still be an expression of self, be comfortable and functional. Appearance is important if you want to be taken seriously by potential clients, colleagues and managers. Dress for success!
  • Etiquette: Some of the most important skills needed to successfully transact business will be discussed. Formal and informal etiquette is discussed to provide the best client service possible.
  • Body language: Body language is an outward reflection of a person’s emotional condition. It is important to learn how to use positive body language to communicate with others, and how to eliminate potentially offensive behaviour.
  • Packing for travelling: Oftentimes corporate travellers over-pack for business trips. Tips for travelling light are given to make a business trip exciting and successful.

More about our Services

Where would someone make use of this service?

A one-on-one consultation or an online consultation can be arranged in the comfort of
your own home.

Why is this service useful or better than its competitors?

The one of a kind Appearance Specialist App, developed by SA Image Academy, is included in the consultation and conveniently installed on the client’s mobile device. When all the information gained from the style and colour consultation has been entered on the APPearance Specialist app, the app retains the information.

The client can then easily and at any time log in to the app and access all their personalised information. This will assist the client in making their shopping experience more efficient and an adventurous pleasure!

When should someone use this service?

  • When going through life changes
  • When desiring to have a new look
  • When applying for a new job
  • When not knowing what to wear, how to wear it or what to purchase
  • When feeling stuck and becoming bored with the clothes in their cupboard
  • Or simply to know and understand what style and colours will be complimentary

How does the service work?

After booking a style and colour consultation, the client will receive a client information form that must be completed and returned before the consultation. This information will provide a clear indication of the client’s needs and goals. The client will also receive an invoice that must be paid in advance.

On the day of the consultation:

  • During the first 30 minutes of the consultation, the needs and goals based on the client information form are discussed.
  • Body measurements are taken and recorded.
  • Face shape is determined.
  • An in-depth colour flow analysis will be done.
  • The use of the Appearance Specialist App will be installed and explained.
  • A plan of action and the journey forward is discussed.

Services and Costs

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Corporate Image Consultation